Statements of Support



As a parent and past board member, I know that the Dysart community will benefit greatly from T. William Coniam's experience and wisdom. A good man with outstanding values, he is objective and looks at things without bias and puts the interests of Dysart before anything else. William understands that what may be right may not always be popular and that's what I admire about him.
His past performance is a testament to his abilities and I am confident that a vote for him is a vote for our children's welfare and a vote towards upholding our values.
I know that you will join me in voting this good man into office.

Jay Leonard
Former Dysart USD Board Member
Local Business Owner
Surprise Chamber of Commerce Member
Dysart Parent

It is my honor to endorse Dysart Governing Board Candidate, T. William Coniam. He brings to the table a keen sense of understanding and high expectations for student achievement and believes in the successful future of our children. He is a voice of hope that shines through clouds of doubt. Words that come to my mind when I think of William are: energetic, committed, thorough, and flexible. William demonstrates responsible leadership in all aspects of his life. He lives by his value to be a life-long learner. William will positively impact the district with his analytical knowledge of using careful research and make every decision with the tools needed to be fair and impartial. William will always keep the focus on students, not on personal or political agendas. He will serve the district well and be the voice of reason that our community seeks. Join me in supporting William Coniam for the Dysart Governing Board on November 8th. The spark will live on!

Traci Sawyer-Sinkbeil, MBA
Governing Board Member, Dysart USD 2011-2022

I have known T. William Coniam for 7 years. I initially met him through the Dysart USD Override Campaign in 2016. He has always stepped up and played a crucial role in any of the override / bond campaigns that have been presented in the district. He spends a good amount of time to research and present facts to the people of the Dysart District. He presents these facts in a nonpartisan manner and I really respect him for that. William has children in the district and he is dedicated and passionate about the education of all of our kids within the district. He always has their best interest in mind. William has decided to run once again for the Dysart District Governing Board and I am proud to endorse him once again for this position. He is a straight shooter and I trust that he will always have the best interest of the voters in the District and our children when he makes crucial decisions that will forever impact this district! I hope you will join me in November and vote T. William Coniam for the Dysart USD Governing Board.

Kristi Richards
Dysart Parent
President of the
Dysart Education Foundation

As a parent, I know the Dysart Schools will benefit greatly from William Coniam. Our students, families, and educators are looking for leaders to unite us around a shared vision of high-quality neighborhood schools for our students in Dysart. As public schools struggle with declining involvement, lower enrollment, and budget deficits, it’s critical that our board includes members who carefully consider upcoming decisions to address these problems. I am confident that a vote for him is a vote for our children's future.

Chris Eastburn

Local Business Owner
Dysart Parent

As a past president of the Arizona PTA, the largest and oldest child advocacy association in the state, I have had the unique opportunity to work with a variety of voices across Arizona who care about the future of public schools. T. William Coniam is one of the finest men I have been fortunate to meet. He makes decisions based on what is best, not what is popular. William digs in, works hard, and makes himself available to anyone who cares about Dysart and its future. A vote for T. William Coniam is a step to improving the quality of education in Dysart, ensuring we attract and retain high quality teachers, and ensures our children have the best opportunities available. He has distinguished himself as a Marine veteran, a proud parent, and someone who won’t back down to bullies. Dysart needs T. William Coniam and he deserves your vote.

Beth Simek

Arizona PTA Past President (2017-2019)

I have been a parent and taxpayer in the Dysart community for 15 years. As a public education advocate, I have had the opportunity to have many interactions and discussions with William regarding the needs of our district to ensure our students, staff, and teachers have the best experience and have the resources they need to be successful. William makes decisions based on research, data, and what is best for the community. He listens to understand and takes a variety of perspectives into account to ensure he fully understands the many facets of an issue.

As a parent in this community, he is invested in ensuring our children get a quality education. That means recruiting and retaining quality teachers, maintaining small class sizes, and ensuring funding is adequate and allocated appropriately.

I fully endorse William as a member of the Dysart Unified Governing Board and hope you will join me in voting for him in November.

Nicole King

Dysart Parent

Local PTA President
Dysart Community Legislative Network President

I met William during the 2015 successful Dysart Override. I observed how hard he worked on behalf of students. He is a tremendous asset within the Dysart community. He is thoughtful, professional and informed through researching issues. He looks at issues rationally and critically rather than emotionally. I'm supporting Mr. Coniam for the Dysart Governing Board and encourage you as well in supporting William.

Bill Pupo

Former Surprise City Manager

Past Chairman of Yes for Dysart PAC

Dysart Education Foundation Board Member

Co-Chair of Blue Blaze Squadron, Alumni Association of the Honorary Commanders Committee of Fighter Country Foundation
(and many other positions with various organizations as a volunteer in the community)

William Coniam has been our neighbor for over 8 years. We have got to know him as a father and as a friend. He and his family welcomed us into the new neighborhood with open arms. We have watched Will raise his children in this Surprise community. And when his kids started going to school he became proactive to help not only his kids but the entirety of the children in our Dysart school district to be provided with the best of education that they provide. Will is a straight forward type of guy. He speaks the truth and executes what he speaks. He is passionate not only about his kids education career but the future generations to come. Voting for William Coniam would be the best for our district and our children.

Erin and Robert Wilkinson
Dysart Parents

I have had the great pleasure of knowing T. William Coniam for many years. During this time, I have appreciated and admired his passion for education. Mr. Coniam is unquestionably dedicated to the students of Arizona. He genuinely strives to improve the quality of education Arizona students receive. Mr. Coniam is diligent in analyzing best practices and outcomes. I am consistently confident that his viewpoints are knowledgeable and research-based. He will ensure Dysart students thrive. It is without reservation that I fully endorse T. William Coniam for the Dysart USD Governing Board.

Christie Pentkowski
Rodel Exemplary Teacher
Dysart Parent

I am supporting T. William Coniam for the Dysart School Board. I have known William for many years, and am very impressed with the kind of person he has become. He is a hard worker, a strong family man, and has shown support for this District by vigorously campaigning for the last override, attending and speaking at school board meetings, and staying involved in his children’s elementary school. He works diligently to support the students and teachers in this district. He listens and asks questions before making his decisions or forming his opinion on subjects. He would be a desperately needed positive voice on the Dysart School Board, and an asset to the community as a whole. I am thrilled that he is running!

Dorothy Minnesota
Retired Dysart Teacher

After reading about me and the statements from others above, if you are still not convinced, I encourage you to ask community leaders about me.
Talk to those that are active and involved with Dysart schools (PTA members, teachers, volunteers, etc.) or involved in the City (city council members current and past, business leaders, etc.). Many have come to know me through my years of service to the community. These individuals often don't want to "formally endorse"
any candidates, but ask them for their candid, personal thoughts about who to vote for.

Are you willing to share a statement of support?

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